Ignacio's Legacy


2016 / 52 minutes

Directed by
Titus Fossgard-Moser
Country of production

Between 1960 and 1992, the acclaimed documentary filmmaker Brian Moser made four films concerning indigenous peoples of northwest Amazonia: "Piraparana" (1960), "War of the Gods" (1971), "A Small Family Business" (1983), and "Before Columbus" (1992). The film “Ignacio’s Legacy” documents a journey in early 2016 by Brian, his son Titus and anthropologists Stephen and Christine Hugh-Jones to show and return these films and other audio-visual material to the Barasana and Makuna peoples. Alongside capturing the journey and the peoples’ reactions to the films, it draws upon the earlier films to explore various forms of cultural change over nearly sixty years.

In the 2017 RAI Film Fest Special Interest
Language and subtitles
English, Barasana and Spanish with English Subtitles
Location(s) depicted
North West Amazon Piraparaná river Vaupés region (Colombia)
South America
Film / Photography / Mass media Social Change Reflexivity Indigenous peoples / First Nations peoples