In Search of Cool Ground: The Mursi Trilogy

52 minutes / Colour / 1987
Directed by
Leslie Woodhead

Anthropologist David Turton

Country of production United Kingdom

Series Disappearing World Series

This is a trilogy about aspects of the culture of two groups of people, the Kwegu and the Mursi, in Ethiopia. The titles are: THE MURSI , THE KWEGU, THE MIGRANTS

What made this trilogy special was that, unlike most television reportage, it had a temporal dimension. That is to say, it offered not a brutal, intrusive and uncomprehending snapshot, but a sympathetic, well-informed and thoughtful history of ten difficult years in the life of a tribe. Its insight derived from an anthropologist, David Turton, who has been studying the Mursi for years and who was able to provide the absolutely essential explanations of the mysterious events filmed by the Granada crew. This is the kind of illumination which is often provided by books or by personal experience, but almost never by television. (John Naughton)

W. Shack, 1987. Review of the trilogy. American Anthropologist, Vol. 89, pp. 780–81.

Language and subtitles English with English Subtitles

Region North America

Country Ethiopia

Keywords Social Change Socioeconomic conditions Health / Health care / Healing