Indo Pino

© Journet / Nougarol / Chabanier
84 minutes / Colour / 2002
Directed by
Martine Journet Gérard Nougarol Gabriel Chabamier

Country of production France

The small ethnic group of the Wana Wewaju live in Indonesia in the eastern part of Sulawesi (Celebes Island) among the dense equatorial rain forest of the Tokkala Mountains. The film documents the traditional healing practices of the Wana shamans. This film is the result of fifteen years of research and constitution of ethnocinématographic archives about the shamanism of Wana People from Sulawesi (Indonesia) See as well the companion film GODS AND SATANS, 87 minutes, 2005.

Language and subtitles Wana with English Subtitles

Region South-East Asia

Country Indonesia

Keywords Shamans and Shamanism Health / Health care / Healing