Journey of the Maggot Feeder

© Niglas / Tender
68 minutes / Colour / 2015
Directed by
Liivo Niglas Priit Tender

Country of production Estonia

This film tries to solve the mystery of a bizarre Arctic fairy tale. Priit Tender, an Estonian animator, makes a film about an old Chukchi legend – The Maggot Feeder. The unconventional narrative is misunderstood by western audiences and Priit takes off on a journey to Chukotka in the north-eastern corner of Siberia, where he unearths deeper layers of the tale and local culture. This anthropological road movie deals with the importance of storytelling and it invites the viewers to undertake a journey into the depths of the Chukchi inner world.

Language and subtitles Estonian with English Subtitles

Region Central Asia and Far East

Country Russia

Keywords Animation Film / Photography / Mass media Myths / Fairy tales