Kafi's Story

© Howes / Hardie
53 minutes / Colour / 1979
Directed by
Arthur Howes Amy Hardie

Country of production United Kingdom

Series Sudan Trilogy

Shot in 1989, Kafi's Story captures Nuba life at the moment before it was engulfed in the Sudanese civil war. Kafi narrates his own story into a portable tape record as he travels from his village, Torogi, to Khartoum to earn enough money to buy a new dress for his second wife, Tete. Kafi is quite consciously negotiating his own path between modernity and tradition. Kafi and the other Nuba react to the presence of the camera with neither awe nor apprehension; they seem to welcome the camera as an extension of their open, out-going, hospitable lifestyle. At the same time, they rapidly become sophisticated about the way film conventions can frame reality. When a friend walks away from a shot, they joke that he is walking into the screen. At the film's end Kafi asks the filmmaker for one thing: a camera of his own.

Language and subtitles English with English Subtitles

Region North and Northeast Africa

Country Sudan

Keywords Film / Photography / Mass media Marriage Tourism / Travel / Pilgrimage