Kanraxël: the Confluence of Agnack

© Sowa
52 minutes / Colour / 2015
Directed by
Remigiusz (aka Remi) Sowa

Anthropologist Prof Friederike Lüpke

Country of production Senegal United Kingdom

DVD copies are available for secondary teaching and home use at the following prices: £35 (plus VAT) schools and colleges; £20 (plus VAT) individual / home use licence

Agnack is a place where both rivers and people converge in the most stunning of ways – a place where it is considered perfectly normal to speak a minimum of six languages. For the first time in history the people of Agnack allowed cameras to film as they prepare for an unforgettable event that gives a visually enticing record of local religion, focused on honouring the ancestors. As every single aspect of life in Agnack and the wider region, the anniversary of death celebrations with which the film culminates are thickly multilingual and testify of the interconnectedness and cosmopolitanism of this area, where diversity and multilingualism are centuries old.

All profits made from the sale of this film will go to the association of the inhabitants of Agnack Grand


In the 2017 RAI Film Fest Student

Language and subtitles Arabic Baïnouk Guhajer Creole French Jola Mandinka Papal and Wolof with English Subtitles

Location(s) depicted Senegal

Region West Africa

Country Senegal

Keywords Linguistics / Language Social Change

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