Mobail Goroka

Luke Natapol in Mobail Goroka
17 minutes / 2018
Directed by
Jackie Kauli

Country of production Papua New Guinea

Glossy advertisements for telecommunications company Digicel abound in Goroka, a town in Papua New Guinea’s eastern highlands. This film takes a close look at the footsoldiers of this multinational giant: the men who sell phone credit and and fix devices from their Digicel-branded stalls that line the town’s streets. We learn of the daily routines, histories and aspirations of Luke, Joseph, and Michael, resourceful and ambitious men who take advantage of every opportunity the emerging telecommunications market has given them. A valuable glimpse at life on the ground floor of neoliberal global enterprise.

The documentary Mobail Goroka tells the story of Luke Natapol, Joseph Kaupa and Michael Agwa who all earn money by operating street stalls that provide mobile phone services. Highlighting their daily routines, the documentary shows how people respond to the logistical challenges and economic opportunities presented by new communication technologies.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest Shorts

Language and subtitles Tok Pisin

Location(s) depicted Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province

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