2007 / 59 minutes

Directed by
Christian Suhr Nielsen Ton Otto
Country of production

A film about how anthropological knowledge is developed through active participation in traditional exchange ceremonies on the small island of Baluan in the South Pacific. The film follows the anthropologist Ton Otto negotiating his way through a myriad of kin relations and family conflicts in order to study but also to find out which ceremonies should be carried out after the death of his adoptive father, Ngat. The film deals with the dilemmas of a participating researcher, who is both social actor and anthropological observer, and gives the viewer a close look at the way Baluan people contest and negotiate their social reality: their kin relations, mortuary traditions, and also the participating anthropologists.

Language and subtitles
Original Version with English Subtitles
Papua New Guinea
Death Ritual Informant-researcher relationship Social Conflict