Nodas. Launeddas at the time of crisis.


2015 / 29 minutes

Directed by
Umberto Cao Andrea Mura
Country of production

Dating back 3000 years to the Nuragic civilisation on Sardinia, 'launeddas' are wind instruments that testify to contacts from across the Mediterranean. Although they nearly vanished in the 1960s, in today’s 'time of crisis', launeddas have been associated with levels of virtuoso performance that only a few decades ago seemed no longer attainable. This documentary portrays five talented young launeddas players, exploring through their eyes the interstitial spaces between folklore and ethnicity, tradition and experimentation, identity and globalization. In doing so, it offers a harsh overview of an entire generation of Sardinian life.

In the 2017 RAI Film Fest Intangible Culture
Language and subtitles
Italian Sardinian
Location(s) depicted
Western Mediterranean
Music / Ethnomusicology Festivals / Carnival Intergenerational relations