Our Freedom

Inhabitant of Pungino carrying his daughter down the main road to the village fair.
52 minutes / 2017
Directed by
Laura Kuen Yury Snigirev

Country of production Germany

The inhabitants of the village of Pungino live mostly beyond the reach of the Russian state. Here, in this remote rural location, they create their own sphere of personal freedom. This film explores the possibilities and practices that emerge when money is scarce, time is abundant, and neither help nor control of the state seems present. While people garden, forage, hunt or reconstruct the local church, they address the philosophical question of what it means to have a good life; whilst independent self-sufficiency seems important, so does a connection with the natural environment, and the protective role of community bonds.

Directors Laura Kuen and Yury Snigirev will attend the screening and take part in a Q&A.

Our Freedom screens in a double bill with After the Silence.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest Material Culture

Language and subtitles Russian, German

Location(s) depicted Russia (Kirov region)