Paani: Of women and water

PAANI. Of women and water
22 minutes / Colour / 2018
Directed by
Costanza Burstin

Country of production India

Against the bleached sky of Rajasthan, we encounter the vidly attired women of small Muslim village as they engage in their work. Here, water binds their daily labour rituals: they collect and carry water in massive urns, they clean plates and clothes with it, water their animals, and even maintain their homes with it (we see them churn mud to smear across their floors). A record of the ongoing cycles of women’s labour (“we make food, we eat, we sleep, we wake up…”), their sense of humour and resilience, and the ways the community co-operate to deal with scarcity.

Director Costanza Burstin will attend the screening and take part in a Q&A.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest Student

Language and subtitles Hindi Marwari

Location(s) depicted Modiya. A small rural village in Rajasthani desert.