2012 / 88 minutes

Directed by
Dipesh Kharel Asami Saito
Country of production
Nepal Japan

Playing with Nan is the story of a Nepali young man who migrated to work in a Nepali restaurant in northern Japan. The film explores his daily life at work and his family at home, which reflects socio-cultural problems related to globalization. Twenty-eight years ago, Ram was born in a rural village in Nepal. Working on the farm Ram saw little hope apart from surviving in the poor conditions. One day he decided to escape from the village and poverty. In Kathmandu he worked for 12 years at several restaurants. However, he could not change the family’s situation. He heard a beautiful story from a broker about the work and earning opportunities in Japan. He paid the broker 20,000 USD to buy a work visa to enter in Japan. He borrowed the money from his relatives and friends with the commitment of paying back them later with a 20% interest. Several dramatic consequences occurred within Ram’s life and his family’s after his migration to Japan.

Language and subtitles
Nepalese and Japanese with English Subtitles
South Asia Central Asia and Far East
Labour Migration Socioeconomic conditions

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