2017 / 30 minutes

Directed by
Rebecca Devaraj
Country of production
Uganda United Kingdom

In 2016, filmmaker Bex Devaraj and anthropologist Anne Lotter were given unique access to one of the biggest slums in Kampala, Uganda, where every day is a struggle for survival.

In this intimate film, six courageous women share their stories of heartache, hope and living with HIV. From polygamous marriage, to being bewitched, to dreams of driving a car, this documentary gives a voice to a community who’ve never had one.

‘Positive Women’ reflects the real power of film in hearing directly from the participants; their tragedy, fears and hopes, spoken with heartbreaking candour. The women’s compelling stories are told with humour, anger, resolve and defiance, leaving a sense of having lived alongside them and incorporated their social and material world in an enlivened bodily experience.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest
Language and subtitles
Luganda English
Location(s) depicted

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