Releasing the Spirits: a village cremation in Bali

Releasing the Spirits: a village cremation in Bali. © T Asch
44 minutes / Colour / 1991
Directed by
Patsy Asch Linda Connor Timothy Asch


Country of production Australia United States

Series ANU, Indonesia Series

In 1978, as part of the preparations for the island-wide ceremony eka dasa rudra, religious officials urged all Balinese to cleanse the island by cremating their dead. Many were forced to pool resources and hold group cremation rituals. The film shows preparations for such a ceremony and its cycle of rituals: the cremation, post-cremation and casting of the ashes into the sea. This film includes subtitled comments by four of the participants.

Location(s) depicted Bali

Region South-East Asia

Country Indonesia

Keywords Death Ritual