Resonating Burra - The Story of Burrakatha

Resonating Burra - The Story of Burrakatha
42 minutes / 2018
Directed by
Arjun Chavah

Country of production India

Burrakatha is a storytelling art form in the Telangana and Andhra regions of India. Emerging in the 1940s, amidst the struggle against feudal oppression and the Indian freedom movement, Burrakatha was a medium for dissent. It continued to be used to speak about other social issues after independence, but eventually diminished. This film uses Burrakatha as a narrator to fill in pieces of Telangana’s history, and to celebrate the power of art as a means of dissent. Whilst Burrakatha may have fallen out of favour, it carries on a vibrant tradition that still resonates in contemporary India. This film celebrates its spirit.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest Intangible Culture

Language and subtitles Telugu (English subtitles)

Location(s) depicted State of Telangana, India