Shepherds in the Cave

87 minutes / Colour / 2016
Directed by
Anthony Grieco

Anthropologist Tracy Prowse Nicole Kilburn

Country of production Canada Italy

An international team of art restorers, archaeologists and volunteers begin work on the restoration of religious frescoes inside a network of ancient caves. Faced with local bureaucratic challenges and the systemic neglect of archaeological sites, the team encounters a community of shepherds and migrants who have used the caves for centuries and discover a living culture that is worth preserving most of all.

Art Restorer: Tonio Creanza

In the 2017 RAI Film Fest Material Culture

Language and subtitles Italian English

Location(s) depicted Puglia Basilicata

Region Western Mediterranean

Country Italy

Keywords Archaeology Herding Art / Artists / Artisans Law and Legislation / Bureaucracy

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