Silk, Muthappar and VHS: Portraits from South India

© Grossenbacher
63 minutes / Colour / 1997
Directed by
Ulrich Grossenbacher Damaris Luethi

Country of production Switzerland

The documentary, filmed during ethnographic field research, shows three portraits of ‘ordinary’ personalities — Mala, a young weaver sharing a one-bedroom house with nine siblings; Santa Cruz, once a fishtrader and now a healer and magician; and Muthiah, a videographer of upper class weddings — living in a neighbourhood in Nagercoil, a south Indian town. The aim of the video is to show the persons not as representatives of homogeneous masses, but to acknowledge them as individuals who nurse their own specific worries and strategies in a changing world. The protagonists thus themselves comment about their own lives and actions.

Language and subtitles Original Language with English Subtitles

Region South Asia

Country India

Keywords Labour Everyday Life Film / Photography / Mass media