2005 / 104 minutes

Directed by
Kim Longinotto Florence Ayisi
Country of production
United Kingdom

Six year old Manka has run away from home, fleeing her abusive aunt. Sonita has daringly accused her neighbor of rape. Amina has decided to end her brutal marriage by taking her husband to court. Set in Kumba, a small town in Southwest Cameroon, Sisters in Law follows the work of the female State Counsel and Court President as they try to help women to change their lives. Incredibly moving and at times disturbing, Kim Longinotto’s latest film spectacularly encompasses courage, hope, and the possibility of change. Longinotto is known for her insightful, compassionate studies of women’s lives, and the pull between tradition and change.

Language and subtitles
English with English Subtitles
West Africa
Law and Legislation / Bureaucracy Gender Role and Identity Children / Young people