Socotra, the Island of Djinns

© Esteva
64 minutes / Black and White / 2016
Directed by
Jordi Esteva

Country of production Spain

The film is the story of a journey across the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Yemen. Socotra is isolated during the monsoon season, when it is impossible to land on it. This isolation has preserved a unique environment. Frankincense and myrrh trees grow freely. Ahmed Afrar, his companions and three cameleers with their animals trek to the mountains before the rainy season. During the trip, the Socotrians tell stories by the fire. During the night, the conversation turns to legends of djinns and monstrous snakes that dwell in the cavernous interior of the island.

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In the 2017 RAI Film Fest RAI/Basil Wright

Language and subtitles Socotrí

Location(s) depicted Socotra Island (Yemen)

Region Middle and Near East

Country Yemen

Keywords Myths / Fairy tales Nomads and Nomadism Tourism / Travel / Pilgrimage Trade

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