2007 / 13 minutes

Directed by
Elhum Shakerifar Ed Owles Jamie Taylor
Country of production
United Kingdom

These 3 films on Southeast London were made by GCC college students who took a course in anthropology & film. ANGLESEA ROAD: Situated in Woolwich, South East London, Anglesea Road is a small world rich in Somali culture and tradition. THE GOOD OL’ DAYS: The well-established butchers, Kennedy’s, famed for it’s sausages, is closing down this December after 130 years of business. TALK OF TRADE: Since the 1600s, Woolwich market has been a source of food, clothing and conversation for all who know it. This film explores the multi-cultures introduced by the 100 open and closed stalls.

Language and subtitles
English (no subtitles)
Location(s) depicted
British-Irish Isles
United Kingdom

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