St. Martin’s Bonfires in Predazzo

St. Martin’s Bonfires in Predazzo © Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina, Archive Carnival King of Europe
10 minutes / Colour / 2010
Directed by
Michele Trentini

Anthropologist Giovanni Kezich

Country of production Italy

Series Carnival King of Europe

On November 11th, great bonfires are lit by the local youth to celebrate the distribution of the annual revenues from the forestry harvest.

This film is part of Carnival King of Europe DVD 3 - THE BELL RINGERS OF EUROPE. The clanging of conspicuous, monumental cowbells is the most distinctive opening sound of a number of European winter masquerades.

Films included in DVD 3: St. Martin’s Bonfires in Predazzo (10 minutes), The Silvesterchläuse of Hundwil (12 minutes), One day in Rukavac (11 minutes), The Double Walk of the Joaldunak (10 minutes).

Region South-East Europe

Country Italy

Keywords Festivals / Carnival Folklore