St. Nicholas’ Night in Val di Fassa


2010 / 15 minutes

Directed by
Michele Trentini
Country of production
Carnival King of Europe

As an early harbinger of celestial light, St. Nicholas and his mixed company of angels and devils visits every home, to tell children off in the most persuasive of manners.

This film is part of Carnival King of Europe DVD 2 - CHRISTMAS AND THEREABOUTS IN THE ALPS. At the very heart of the winter rituals, Christmas time in the Alps harbours a host of traditional masquerades, from the Day of St. Nicholas to the Epiphany.

Films included in DVD 2: St. Nicholas’ Night in Val di Fassa (15 minutes), Caroling with the Star among the Bersntoler (26 minutes), Sweeping Evil Away in Rauris (8:30 minutes), The Great Epiphany of Wörth (13 minutes).

South-East Europe
Festivals / Carnival Folklore