Standing Places

© Tovey
31 minutes / Colour / 2007
Directed by
Ana Tovey

Country of production United Kingdom

Series Granada Center for Visual Anthropology Student Film

A model of Stonehenge has been built in rural New Zealand, functioning like the original not only in its astronomical alignment but also in its role as a ceremonial site. The film explores what Stonehenge Aotearoa means to the people involved with it - those who built it, the neighbours, local tangata whenua (people of the land) and those who use it as a sacred space for rituals. Is this a construction of an inauthentic ancestral connection to the land for Pakeha (white) New Zealanders or does it open up a new space for working through the complex identities of a multi-cultural post-settler society?

Language and subtitles English (no subtitles)

Region New Zealand and Polynesia

Country New Zealand

Keywords Alternative culture Ritual