Stronger Family members hanging out while Alex considers going to a street protest later.
25 minutes / 2018
Directed by
Paulo Mendel Vitor Grunvald

Country of production Brazil

A colourful and noisy encounter with Família Stronger, a LGBTQIA+ collective in the neighbourhood of Jardim Nazaré, on São Paulo’s periphery. Across a split screen, Sunday portrays a single day in which the collective gather for a lively lunch get-together, then head out into the streets for a protest against the conservative forces behind the 2016 coup d'état. The camera moves freely amongst the boisterous group, capturing spirited banter amongst this alternative queer family (“hey DJ, why the fuck you changed the Spice Girls Song? I’m a fag and I want to party dammit”“), and the force of their political will against a state that seeks to repress their voice.

Screening in Queer Brazil! Programme 1

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest Special Interest

Language and subtitles Portuguese

Location(s) depicted Sao Paulo

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