Tango, Not-For-Export

Neighborhood tango music scenes in Buenos Aires Film image

Directed by
Jennie Gubner

Countries of production

Year of production

Black and white, colour or both

53 minutes

In the 2017 RAI Film Fest

This collection of 4 short films evokes everyday experiences of music making in the contemporary neighborhood tango scenes of Buenos Aires. They were made as stand alone pieces that co-exist on an interactive website but also work as a collection that chronicles my field experiences in the Buenos Aires neighborhood tango scenes from 2010-2014. Guided by themes instead of a script, the films explore the social aesthetics of neighborhood tango bars, festivals, and other grassroots projects, using filmmaking as a mode through which to evoke sensory understandings of tango that look beyond the genre's exoticized global stereotypes. Embracing a flexible understanding of locality as a feeling more than as something fixed, these films explore the production of musical intimacy in modern cities--an intimacy capable of crossing national, generational, and cultural boundaries.

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Neighborhood tango music scenes in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires

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