2018 / 70 minutes

Directed by
Georgina Barreiro
Country of production

Tara’s Footprint skilfully conjures the atmosphere of Khechuperi, a village in the Himalayas in north eastern India. Eschewing standard exposition the film follows four young siblings as they go about their daily life. Music and dance take centre stage: the young protagonists attend wedding celebrations, they train for talent shows, and spend afternoons dancing with friends, while music plays through mobile phones and crackling speakers. The alternation of Buddhist chants, Bollywood tunes and heavy metal creates a rich sonic texture, whilst the young people chat about the role of women, the importance of the tourism industry, politics and religion. A beautifully shot film that asks us to slow right down and give in to its gentle pace.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest Intangible Culture
Language and subtitles
Nepali with English subtitles
Location(s) depicted
South Asia
Children / Young people Dance / Theatre / Performance Everyday Life Music / Ethnomusicology Religion / Belief / Faith Rural

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