The Absence of Apricots

49 minutes / 2018
Directed by
Daniel Asadi Faezi

Country of production Pakistan Germany

In the Hunza Valley in the northern Pakistan there is a magnificent turquoise lake. But the lake hasn’t been always there: it is the result of a massive landslide that blocked a river, causing massive floods which immersed fields and entire village. Thousands of people got dislocated and had to look for different places where to live. All that remain are memories, passed to the new generation in stories. The Absence of Apricots surveys this haunted landscape, sketching everyday life of its inhabitants, as it is interwoven with memory, myth, and loss.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest Student

Language and subtitles Burushaski

Location(s) depicted Hunza-Valley

Region South Asia

Country Pakistan

Keywords Environment Memory Development projects Resettlement

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