The Age of Reason


2004 / 87 minutes

Directed by
David MacDougall
Country of production
Doon School Project

In this fifth and final film in the Doon School quintet, MacDougall focuses on the life of one student whom he discovers at the school. The film was made in parallel with 'The New Boys' and intersects with it at several points. However, instead of looking at the group, it explores the thoughts and feelings of Abhishek, a 12-year-old from Nepal, during his first days and weeks as a Doon student. This is at once the story of the encounter between a filmmaker and his subject and a glimpse of the mind of a child at “the age of reason”. This is the most intimate and interactive film of the series.

Language and subtitles
English with English Subtitles
South Asia
Children / Young people Education / Knowledge Transmission Informant-researcher relationship