2020 / 27 minutes

Directed by
Nina Ross
Country of production
United Kingdom
Shorts Collection 2

As a child, Nancy Willis dreamt of joining the circus, longing for freedom and adventure. Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and told she would not live beyond her twenties, the now 65-year-old artist invites us into her world. Combining hard-hitting memories of societal discrimination with the depth and beauty of everyday moments, she opens up about vulnerability, self-exploration, family and maternity.

The narrative meanders seamlessly between the grounded and the dream-like. A rich tapestry of artwork, observation and archive illustrates the challenges of physical deterioration and the infinite possibilities of imagination. The film provides an alternative frame of perception through which to explore the experience of disability.

In the 2021 RAI Film Fest
Language and subtitles
British-Irish Isles
United Kingdom
Art/ Artists/ Artisans Personal Narrative Health/ Health care/ Healing Life Story/ Life History

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