2002 / 92 minutes

Directed by
Kim Longinotto
Country of production
United Kingdom

The documentary explores the local dimensions of the female circumcision debate in Kenyan societies. In a region of Kenya that is home to Muslims, Massai and Somali and crosscut by Christian evangelists, recently passed legislation makes it illegal for a girl to be circumcised without first consenting to the procedure. The film begins with Fardhosa a nurse on a tireless campaign to open people’s eyes to the dangers of circumcision, both physical and mental. Next, Simalo, a Maasai runaway girl returns from Nairobi to confront her mother, who was responsible for her mutilation and young marriage. Finally the film shows how a group of Marakwet schoolgirls have successfully challenged their parents and centuries-old tradition in a court of law.

Consultants: Fardhose Ali Mohamed, Eunice Munanie, N’Daisi Kwinga

Language and subtitles
Original Language with English Subtitles
East Africa
Gender Role and Identity Ritual Law and Legislation / Bureaucracy Political Activists

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