The Day of the Pustje on Mt. Matajur

© Trentini
11 minutes / Colour / 2015
Directed by
Michele Trentini

Anthropologist Giovanni Kezich

Country of production Italy

Series Carnival King of Europe

Throughout western Slovenia, Pust or Pustje are the names given to the Carnival dummy and the same names are also used in the Italian side of the Julian Alps.

This film is part of Carnival King of Europe DVD 5 PARADING THE VILLAGE. On Carnival days, the village is brought back to life thanks to the rejuvenating, well wishing presence of ritual masks.

Films included in DVD 5: The Day of the Pustje on Mt. Matajur (11 minutes), The Day of the Zanni (17 minutes), The White Primavera of the Agordino (16 minutes), The Gnaga (7:30 minutes), A Women’s Carnival in Tyrol (9:20 minutes), Visions of Shrove Thursday in Central Tyrol (10 minutes), Koza Szymborska. The Day of the Goat in Szymborze (14 minutes).

Language and subtitles Original Version with English Subtitles

Region South-East Europe

Country Italy

Keywords Folklore Festivals / Carnival