© Trentini
9 minutes / Colour / 2014
Directed by
Michele Trentini

Anthropologist Giovanni Kezich

Country of production Italy

Series Carnival King of Europe

In the Catholic, French-speaking part of Belgium, monumental, all-encompassing masquerades take place in the middle of Lent.

This film is part of Carnival King of Europe DVD 6 - RITUAL ARMADAS. Often the masquerade is represented by an imaginary, colourful, rumbustious army, with a distinct martial allure of its own.

Films included in DVD 6: Coraggio coscritti: take heart, all new recruits! (25 minutes), One day in Agnita (10 minutes), Once upon a time in Val di Fiemme (Na vòlta n val de Fiemme) (23 minutes), Fiddling away Carnival in Caffaro (12:20 minutes), The Gilles of La Louvière and the Chinels of Fosses-la-Ville (9 minutes), We can be heroes just for (two) days. The Jannisaries of Naoussa (20 minutes).

Language and subtitles No Dialogue

Region Western Europe

Country Belgium

Keywords Folklore Festivals / Carnival