2017 / 37 minutes

Directed by
Vince Costa
Country of production

Curtorim is located on the banks of the river Zuari, in Goa, India. The people of this village have over centuries built a bond with rice, so profoundly that it earned the village the title of "Saxtticho Koddo", which translated means "The Granary of Salcete". Salcete being a large province of Goa. Rice is not just food in this village; it is a part of its identity and social fabric. Today, this traditional occupation is affected by shifts in social attitude, labour shortages, genetically modified seeds and unpredictable weather, only to name a few issues. Even though, new technology is being introduced to help the farming community some earnest questions remain to be answered. The culture of Goa, and its connection with its paddy fields that everyone is so proud of comes from the economic relationship man has with the land. If the use of the land is changed, the culture will change accordingly. How do the choices we make today define what happens, not just culturally but also most importantly to our source of food in the future? "Saxtticho Koddo" took four years to make, and it is a labour of love and an attempt by its director and producer Vince Costa, who grew up in this village to capture the various facets of this industry and it’s people, as they are all faced with change and an uncertain future.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest
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