The Land on which We Stand

© Payne
31 minutes / Colour / 2007
Directed by
Becky Payne

Country of production United Kingdom

Series Granada Center for Visual Anthropology Student Film

This film is a glimpse into the life of the Landmatters Co-operative, a community of 11 adults and 4 children living in benders and yurts in rural Devon as they develop a permaculture project. The 42 acres of land was originally for an agricultural purpose, which means they do not have planning permission for residential use. The film follows the group as they fight for permission to live on the land in order to create a self-reliant way of life for a future that doesn't depend on fossil fuels. The film also explores concerns of some local residents in the nearby hamlet who object to the 'hippies' living next door.

Language and subtitles English (no subtitles)

Region British-Irish Isles

Country United Kingdom

Keywords Rural Alternative culture