2020 / 9 minutes

Directed by
Ang Gao
Country of production
Shorts Collection 2

A 76-year-old man living in a village in the middle of China continues the traditional practice of using ospreys (鱼鹰. 鱼鹰 usually referred to as great cormorant in English) to fish while most of the fishermen are using modern technologies now. He has the last five ospreys in the village. This quiet and well-observed short film follows the daily work of artisan fishing as it revolves around an intimate and delicate animal-human relationship. The skillful handling and calm patience suggest a lifetime of labour and devotion to the craft.

In the 2021 RAI Film Fest
Language and subtitles
Chinese with English subtitles
Central Asia and Far East
Hunting/Gathering/Fishing Animals Elderly People