The Price of Memory


2014 / 83 minutes

Directed by
Karen Marks Mafundikwa
Country of production

In 2002, Queen Elizabeth II visited Jamaica for her Golden Julibee Celebrations. While there she was petitioned by a group of Rastafari for slavery reparations. For Rastafari, reparations are linked to a desire to return to Africa, the homeland of their African ancestors, brought to Jamaica as slaves. The film traces this petition, as well as a reparations lawsuit filed against the Queen. It explores the stories of earlier Rastas who pursued reparations in the 1960s, and who undertook a historic mission to Africa. Filmed over a decade, it explores the impact of slavery and the movement for reparations led by Jamaica’s Rastafari.

In the 2015 RAI Film Fest
Language and subtitles
English and Jamaican Patois with English Subtitles
Caribbean Islands British-Irish Isles
United Kingdom
Colonialism / Postcolonialism Political Activists