2017 / 95 minutes

Directed by
Juan Sebastián Alvarez
Country of production

Santos Ramírez “Santico”, the current 40 year old artistic director, hides behind the Carnival’s atmosphere, as he is fighting against all odds to keep El Alacrán’s poison alive. "El Alacrán" (The Scorpion) is a legendary dance group in Havana founded in 1908 by his great-grandfather who was brought to Cuba as a slave during Spanish colonialism. Characters and dances represent a synthesis of Cuban culture. At present, the Alacrán’s artistic level is declining and resources are scarce. When the now blind Carlos Valdés, the 86 year old founder and ex-dancer of "El Alacrán" laments and severely criticizes him because the costumes are no longer the same as before, Santos undertakes a journey in the memory of his own dance group to fulfill the yearned dream of the “El Alacrán” initial founders. Santos’s odyssey is to revive and restore the earlier glory of his dance group. What does the future hold for the centennial dance group "El Alacrán"?…

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest
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