The Short Happy Life of the Poklad

The Short Happy Life of the Poklad © Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina, Archive Carnival King of Europe
27 minutes / Colour / 2012
Directed by
Michele Trentini

Anthropologist Giovanni Kezich

Country of production Italy

Series Carnival King of Europe

In the Dalmatian island of Lastovo, the Poklad is a monumental, all-encompassing annual celebration. Dressed as XIX C. British marines, the Pokladari escort the captive dummy to its death.

This film is part of Carnival King of Europe DVD 8 - STRAW MEN AND HUMAN SACRIFICE. The climax of the masquerade, which marks a turning point in social time, is the staging of a human sacrifice by the burning of a ritual dummy.

Films included in DVD 8: The trial, sentence and execution of Johnny Woodstock (14:30 minutes), The Passion and Death of the Carlisèp (19 minutes), The Short Happy Life of the Poklad (26:30 minutes), The Bear Chase (7 minutes), The Beautiful White Masks of Rèsije (15 minutes).

Region South-East Europe

Country Croatia

Keywords Festivals / Carnival Folklore