The Way We Live Now

32 minutes / Colour / 2016
Directed by
Sophia Hersi Smith

Anthropologist Lars Christian Smith

Country of production Tanzania

'The Way We Live Now' is an intimate portrait of the daily routines and rituals of the Hadza; modern-day hunter-gatherers living in the acacia-baobab woodlands surrounding Lake Eyasi in North-Central Tanzania. The film traces the daily rhythms of this small community while allowing them to reflect on how their way of life has changed. We are with them from dusk until dawn, where we get a glimpse of their world from their point of view: hunting for wild animals and honey, making food and poison, sitting around the fire with family and dancing under the stars.

In the 2017 RAI Film Fest Student

Language and subtitles Hadza Swahili

Location(s) depicted Kidero (Tanzania)

Region East Africa

Country Tanzania

Keywords Hunting / Gathering / Fishing Everyday Life

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