The Women Weavers of Assam

Fly-shuttle at Tezpur District Mahila Samiti
94 minutes / Colour / 2018
Directed by
Aparna Sharma

Country of production India United States

The Women Weavers of Assam focuses on the craft, labour and the everyday lives of a group of women weavers in India’s northeastern state of Assam. The weavers belong to a non-profit collective called Tezpur District Mahila Samiti (TDMS), which was founded a century ago by women activists and Gandhian freedom fighters of Assam. The TDMS weavers preserve traditional motifs and methods of Assamese weaving, which have been declining since the introduction of mechanized cloth production in India. Montages of weaving blends with weavers' accounts of their personal experiences, generating an evocative representation of the environment and the rhythms of TDMS, and the cultural significance of hand-weaving as a craft and industry in Assam.

Director Aparna Sharma will take part in a Q&A following this screening.

Sharma will also lead a workshop, with Arine Kirstein Høgel, on Thu 28 March 11:00 in Waterside 3 (Watershed) called "Haptics and Visual Anthropology — Audio-Visual Dialogues and Non-Verbal Forms of Knowledge Construction". This workshop is part of the RAI Film Festival Conference which runs parallel to the film programme.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest Special Interest

Language and subtitles Assamese

Location(s) depicted Tezpur, Assam Kolibari village, Assam Dhekiajuli village, Assam Jorhat, Assam Bamuni Hills, Assam