There is Nothing Wrong with my Uncle

© Johnson / Bringas
78 minutes / Colour / 2012
Directed by
Sylvie Bringas Dul Johnson

Country of production United Kingdom Nigeria

Nigerian writer Dul Johnson returns to Tarok land to observe the local death rituals and the record of the Tarok ways of dealing with grief and honoring departed. This film provides a rare and detailed record of local religious practices. It bears witness to the fluid ways in which communities, families and individuals construct their religious and cultural identities, and also reseals the tense interplay between the modern and the traditional. Johnson's search for meaning in Tarok land yields a compelling portrait of Tarok Culture, and provides a unique contributrion to the knowledge of contemporary religious life of Tarok communities of Mile 4 Langtan South, Tunkun and Wan Langtan North, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Language and subtitles Original Language with English Subtitles

Region West Africa

Country Nigeria

Keywords Death Religion / Belief / Faith Ritual