2018 / 57 minutes

Directed by
Maren Wickwire
Country of production
United States

Carren has spent most of her adult life apart from her children. When her daughter Guil Ann arrives on the island of Cyprus to join her as domestic worker, unexpected events lead to Carren’s deportation and confront the women’s precarious dreams of togetherness and a better future for her family. Together Apart is an intimate family portrait of two indigenous women from the Philippine highlands, who left their families to seek work at Europe’s margins.

The film is part of my MA Thesis in Visual Media Anthropology from the Freie University Berlin and is accompanied by a written piece ‘Staying Strong’: Precarity and Self-Determination among Filipino Migrant Workers in Cyprus.

I continued working on the film beyond the graduation.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest
Language and subtitles

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