Travel (double screen)

63 minutes / Colour / 2016
Directed by
Nick Mai

Country of production France

(This version of the film uses a split-screen device throughout. For the single screen version see 'Travel').

Joy left Nigeria to help her family after her father’s death. She knew that she was going to sell sex in France, but she was unaware of the degree of exploitation that she would face. With the help of an association she obtains asylum, but to help her family and live her life, she continues selling sex. This documentary ethnofiction was co-written by Nicola Mai and 8 Nigerian women with experiences of migration, sex work and trafficking. Joy is one of several fictional characters embodying their individual and collective experiences. In order to protect their identities these roles are played by non-professional actresses including some of the film's co-authors.

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Language and subtitles English French Nigerian Standard English

Region Western Europe

Country France

Keywords Sex / Sexuality Labour Migration Ethnofiction Reflexivity