Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism


1974 / 50 minutes

Directed by
Gary Kildea Jerry Leach
Country of production
United Kingdom United States

The film documents the transformation by the Trobriand Islanders of the game of cricket, first introduced by British missionaries into a highly distinctive political ritual. Shot in 1973-1974, shortly before the independence of Papua New Guinea, the film was made with the active co-operation of the Kabisawali Movement, a local political organisation.The film has been enthusiastically received by anthropologists, television audiences, film festivals and (most important, perhaps) by the Trobriand sponsors. However, much of the film’s political dimension is related to the way in which it was made, the type of co-operation between Trobriand sponsors and makers, and its role in Kabisawali propaganda, factors which are not explicitly part of the film’s content.

Papua New Guinea
Sport Colonialism / Postcolonialism Political Activists