27 minutes / Colour / 2015
Directed by
Gaspard Kuentz

Country of production Japan

Held every October in the city of Matsuyama, the Dogo Autumn Festival is one of the most violent religious festivals celebrated in Japan. Eight teams of men carrying massive portable wood shrines that can weigh up to a ton collide them together in a holy battle, leaving many injured and exhausted. "Uzu" is an immersive documentary film that focuses on the physical and spiritual experience of the festival from within. A thrilling ride into the violence as well as a penetrating insight into its meaning, "Uzu" propounds a unique cinematic experience, between sensory ethnography and "war" reporting.

In the 2017 RAI Film Fest

Language and subtitles Japanese

Location(s) depicted Matsuyama (Japan)

Region Central Asia and Far East

Country Japan

Keywords Ritual Gender Role and Identity