2018 / 8 minutes

Directed by
Lillian Dam Bracia S. Buse Yildirim Constantinos Diamantis Malwa Grabowska
Country of production

Warehouse is a meditative ethnographic short film.

Warehouse is a place where sound moves the objects. It is an intimate encounter in the cosmos of objects, sounds and textures where carpenter labour happens. The trace of sound in every bit of object can be seen as individuals within a space, where every material has its own texture, smell and acoustic properties. The array of sounds and images confront audiences with the aural and visual textures of the labour and the space itself. The film guides into a sensory experience, through the up-close, intense sonic and visual engagement and an imaginative soundscape composition.

Warehouse is by Optakus, a recently founded multi-sited lab composed by Lillian Dam Bracia, Constantinos Diamantis, Malwa Grabowska, S. Buse Yildirim and exploring the boundaries of ethnographic and experimental filmmaking, extending the sensorial possibilities of sound and image.

In the 2019 RAI Film Fest
Language and subtitles
No dialogue
Location(s) depicted
Berlin, Germany

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