© Lanker / Shuffield
52 minutes / Colour / 1998
Directed by
Laurent Van Lancker Robin Shuffield

Country of production Belgium

Ymako Teatri, a theatre company based in the Ivory Coast, uses street theatre to question some contemporary West African problems. Their originality consists in using the ‘invisible theatre’ method in order to surprise the public and thus make it react itself to its own problems. This documentary shows how a local theatre company efficiently uses fiction to problematise today’s African reality. This film presents two performances, one criticises the current proliferation of religious sects, the other deals with the awakening of villagers towards AIDS. Ymako, in Bambara, means ‘our concerns’.

Language and subtitles French with English Subtitles

Region West Africa

Country Ivory Coast

Keywords Dance / Theatre / Performance Health / Health care / Healing Social participation