Hatty joined RAI Film in 2023. She is an anthropology evangelist, film director, curator and photographer. She earnt her master’s in visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths University College and later worked as a self-shooting filmmaker and photographer in industry for seven years. Her practice is motivated by a will to use intimate, visual storytelling to advocate for social change. She is interested in expanded documentary practice as a tool for growing empathy across cultures, shaking up media specificity, and adopting more radical approaches to documentary film as a contribution to transformative narratives.

Hatty is also on the board of directors for Stroud Film Festival. She is passionate about bringing independent cinema into the community and experimenting with new forms of engagement. In particular, using film as a tool to build community and precipitate discussion. Her work for the festival has previously been concerned with showcasing work by female and gender variant filmmakers whose films and writings explore practices of care, repair and solidarity.