This following mixture of rap and spoken words try to reflect on the role of time as a technology to border people, to assert power on them.

This creative piece tells the story of two individuals waiting at the airport.

While one is a French businessman, the other individual is a non-gendered deportee.

Their voices ask the listener why this unfairness happens and how capitalism could brew it.

The businessman is a living stereotype. He is a frivolous man. He enjoys a life he has always took as granted. He represents a famous French company that is trying to assert their interest over territories belonging to communities.

On the other side, you have my perception of who a deportee is. I wish that character not to be gendered because the feelings that this individual has, might be shared beyond gender and beyond the general impression one might have of migrants. I want the listener to focus on the feelings.

This piece of work involves two languages.

The aim of that piece is to be listened to but what happens if you can’t understand? Through English, you have information but not all of them.

French leaves you behind as you may not speak it – it is the form of the bureaucracy.

The goal is to make the listener feel a “temporal rupture” – what it is like not to control your time, your advancement in the text.

If the song is a checkpoint, the language is a tool for me to differentiate who listen to it. While the French-speaker can easily move through the song, the one who don’t understand spend much more energy trying to.

Both points show how a person can feel like not moving, left-behind because their temporalities are different from the one that is deem “normal”.