dir. Zemirah Moffat, 2006, 58 mins, English with no subtitles

Mirror Mirror is based on an audio-visual ethnography of London’s queer Club Wotever. Begun in the autumn of 2003, it promoted itself as a club that welcomed all genders and sexualities – a counterpoise to London’s mainstream segregated scenes. The film came out of anthropologist Moffat’s own personal and theoretical knowledge of contemporary radical queer practices: in her own words, “I wanted to know if I could somehow make the two ideas that ‘gender is drag’ and that ‘documentary film is a drag of reality’ mutually inform and comment upon each other”.

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Thursday 9 July – Thursday 16 July

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Featuring guest speaker Zemirah Moffat (director).

This film is part of the Queer Eyes programme, a collaboration between Fringe! Arts&Film Fest, the Royal Anthropological Institute and the RAI Film Festival. Look at the full programme here.

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